Why Read the Peanut?

You will encounter everything.
Peanut writers write without guidelines. We write more personal, relevant, and creative material than that you’d find in a typical newspaper or magazine. Our independence from mass media allows us to dabble in several genres.

You will be more open-minded.
Our broad-content model is an interesting mix of student opinions, stories, and commentary. You’ll leave the Peanut with fresh ideas.

We don’t publish to publish.
Peanut writers take time writing their material. With less stringent deadlines, we monitor quality control. It’s a student magazine run by good content, not approaching deadlines.

You will laugh.
We’re not afraid to make you laugh. Check into our Humor & Satire section if you’re looking to smile.

You will get an ear for new words.
At the Peanut, you’ll find words that weave through the fabric of English, the words that emerge from campus life with glee — put less poetically, our writers will accustom your ear the vibrant new language that comes with being young. The Peanut is a undergraduate magazine written exclusively by college students.

You will be a better writer.
Here you’ll sample works from a hand-picked set of students who write because they enjoy it. You’ll survey multiple voices and styles. By listening to the voice of another, you’ll improve your own.

We won’t hurt your eyes.
Our minimalist magazine layout distributes content that is easily read. We don’t strain your eyes with bloated graphics, but instead illustrate our columns with open source images from Creative Commons and original photographs from students.

You will support young writers.
By reading and sharing our material, you’ll support a team of writers who write because they enjoy it.