About the Peanut

The Peanut is a broad-spectrum writer’s magazine maintained by undergraduates at the University of Alabama. The Peanut follows a post-as-you-will content-model and establishes five content areas for its contributors.

Words: Covers: Prose, A general purpose medium for those who need to write with loose guidelines. Good for essays and commentary; Short Fiction, For those who write short stories; Humor & Satire, For comic writers seeking an outlet.

Music: For local bands, artists, singers, or just musicians in general who would like to post performances, promotional content or write about their experiences.

Film: For any filmmakers seeking recognition, criticism or looking to pull together any resources through the site and our readers in order to bring their film idea to life.

Opinions: Speaks on local, domestic, personal or any other issue that you would like to argue, agree with, or bash.

Reviews: Reviews can be on anything from movies to books to albums, etc.

Articles at the Peanut are read and edited by multiple student Editors for quality control. Though we may never achieve the greatness of similarly fashioned commercial magazines, we only ask for readers who are willing to buckle down for a new kind of undergraduate magazine. We hope you enjoy our interesting mix of stories, culture, essays, and humor.

Welcome to the Peanut.