Want to submit your Film, Music or Review idea?

We are looking for student and nonstudent filmmakers, musicians, DJs, writers etc. who are cerebral and imaginative and that want to share their ideas with a larger community of like-minded individuals.

We’re open to review anything you’d like to submit. If it interests us, we’ll contact you and let you know how to post for us. We’re always open to new ideas so do not be afraid to at least ask.

Please, contact for any inquiries.

Or Are you Interested in writing for the Peanut? We’d be glad to have you.

The Peanut is seeking student columnists from college campuses nationwide. Columnists at the Peanut write in a subject of their choice, with respect to the Peanut Writing Guide. Columns are edited by undergraduate editors at the University of Alabama.

1. Send a sample column to
2. Include your name, school, email, and field of study.
3. A short paragraph on why you’d like to write for the Peanut.

Don’t want to commit? Write a guest column.

Send all guest columns to A Student Editor from the University of Alabama will contact you about your submission in one week’s time.