Ladies, Be Nice to Guys

I’ve read a few articles taking different standpoints on the subject of men approaching women in public. After witnessing a few painfully awkward encounters between the opposite sexes, I find it’s a subject I have some things to say about.

Ladies, I know you didn’t wear that extremely tight skirt because it’s comfortable. I know you didn’t do your hair like that because you enjoy the smell of it burning. I’m sure spending hours getting your bangs just right is fun. I know that you didn’t buy that bra so you could keep it covered up. So let’s face it. You’re out to impress. That means you have no business being offended when a perfectly suitable gentlemen approaches you.

“I know you didn’t do your hair like that because you enjoy the smell of it burning.”

Let me insert here that if he’s anything other than respectful, feel free to ignore all I’m about to say.

But as it stands, usually guys are pretty nice. Maybe he’s a little cheesy when he strikes up conversation. Maybe his words aren’t flowing and maybe his compliments are unoriginal. Maybe you’re not attracted to him.

However, that never gives you an excuse to be rude.

It’s very unlikely that you know how much courage it takes to walk up to someone you find attractive and strike up a conversation. To take that sort of risk in public can be detrimental to self confidence if it goes wrong. I’ve never had to do this, but I’ve watched many guys, some of whom are dear friends, strike out with women. This is fine. Sometimes they reach too high. Sometimes she is already taken. Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. I understand this and so do they, but there are some unfortunately common and classless ways girls let guys know “it” isn’t going to happen. Some of the most common let downs being: walking away in the middle of conversation, ignoring him, or laughing at him.

So let’s make a deal. You get to complain about how easy guys have it, how they never put any effort into their looks, how they get to be “cool” if they sleep around and we get to be “sluts.” But you have to be nice to them. 

It doesn’t count if you make fun of him the second he walks away. That says not only are you rude, you’re a coward. A simple, “I’m flattered but not interested,” usually does the trick. If it doesn’t, then by all means full steam ahead to Bitch Town!

But don’t pretend he’s below you. Don’t pretend you didn’t want to be noticed by at least one guy that night. Don’t pretend this isn’t a game we all play from time to time, it’s called human connection. We all need it.

Ladies, you are beautiful. That deserves to be recognized. However, you don’t always get to pick who recognizes it so when it happens just make the most of it. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • mel

    wait… you don’t like the smell of your hair burning?

    • Maury

      Hahaha watch yo self Melody ;)