Say Something

I should go talk to her.

We’ve both been here every day for the past week and she’s always sat right across from me and I stare at her. I don’t even know her name. That’s important isn’t it? Every day I try to work up the courage to–shit! She looked this way, she saw me staring! She probably– no… I think she was looking at the clock behind my head. I’m just going to go. I’m– no I have to say something. I can’t keep doing this. Okay: close your eyes. Breathe in. Go. Open your eyes. Say something.

But as he was about to speak a rush of fur flooded out from his open mouth and leapt over behind the girl. It spun around in a growl, and its stare filled the throats and hearts of the nameless would-be lovers with adrenaline. He grabbed her fear-frozen arm hurriedly and pulled her right out from the leaping jaws of the feline. They ran down the corridor, but came to a halt at a fissure that impeded their further escape. He looked back at the voracious death galloping towards him and released the girl’s arm, putting himself between this monster and his newfound delicate rose.

She opened her mouth to shout at him to stop, and an even more colossal beast jumped from her jaws into the hallway. The new beast tore the old asunder and the boy and the girl stood silently in awe. A rumble erupted from the chest of the colossus who was turning towards them. She grabbed his arm and pulled them both down the fissure, landing on soft, muddy dirt and grass. They began to run, neither daring to loosen their lips lest an even larger monster erupt forth.

The two shakily climbed a lofty tree found after running for some distance; the mass of fur and fangs had injured one of its legs in the fall from the fissure and so was a considerable pace behind them. They were running out of breath and could only keep running for so long, but they were currently safe up here. In the moment of repose, the girl looked into the boy’s eyes and as a smile crept slowly into his face she slapped him smartly. His smile swiftly erased and her hands joined over her mouth as her eyes widened with surprise and a tinge of guilt. He looked stunned for a second and then frowned and furrowed his brow. She lowered her hands slightly and opened her mouth to begin an apology but a sleek mass of blubbery anger dived out and knocked him off of his branch. Both the boy and the killer whale of new found oral origin plummeted down below. In the chaos she was knocked backward out of the tree opposite from the boy, and began spiraling downward herself. She grasped her hands quickly over her mouth to stifle a scream.

A splash, a SPLOOOOSH and another splash as all three falling figures crashed into the ground which had apparently turned into an infinitely deep and infinitely wide body of water.

* * *

The boy floated through the water listlessly, mind aflutter. It had been days since he had seen the that girl, or that tiger or that monster or that whale. As soon as he had hit the water back then, they had all disappeared. It was for the better that way. “There’s nothing to worry about now, I can just focus on what’s at hand”. So he focused. He opened his eyes and stared out into infinite. Dark with a bluish hue wherever he looked. He told himself that this is what really matters. He kept his stare fixed on nothingness and kept focusing. “This is far more important than some stupid girl. She didn’t matter. This matters though. I’m happy like this, and I don’t have to be afraid of anything anymore.”

But then he saw a light. It was dim but with such concentration, such unadulterated focus, it was easy for him to make out. So he began to swim towards it. Nothing had stood out in this water until now, so he might as well go see. As long as he kept his mind focused it wouldn’t matter what this was any way, but he might as well go see. He was a good swimmer, swimming was all that mattered now so of course he was good at it, so as far away as this light seemed it was no matter to him.

The light began to take form. It was her, she was luminous. The boy frowned. He didn’t want to have to put up with this again. He almost considered turning back around but what good would that be? Why should he have to be the one to turn back around? So he kept swimming.

He floated towards her, and then stopped. Her eyes were closed, and she didn’t seem to be very awake. How dare she sleep when he had been swimming non stop and focusing his mind this whole time. He reached out and shook her weightless body. Her eyes opened slowly, and then quickly. His mouth opened in a focused fury and hers with surprise and confusion. Currents upon currents of beasts and monsters of all shapes and sizes swam out of both of their mouths, whirling around them both. They did not silence their lips this time though, and the two ignored the growing ocean of fear and death that was closing in on them. The whole sea was quivering with emotion as the boy and the girl were pushed closer together by their uncensored anger and insecurities. They were arm in arm now, with bodies pressed close against each other, and a silence fell on both of them. They look blankly at each other for a second. “I’m sorry,” he said quietly. “I don’t even know your name.” But she just smiled and pulled his head to hers. Their lips pressed firmly against one another, and a rush of blinding light erupted forth.

The two lovers are locked in each others embrace, lying naked on a cold floor, but that doesn’t bother them too much. He’s just glad that she was smiling and she’s just glad he finally said hello.

  • Maury Holliman

    I’m loving that last line. Kudos.

  • Tarif Haque

    The stream-of-consciousness in the first paragraph is class.