The Grand New Party

Mitt Romney is wealthy.  He donates a large portion of his wealth to charity every year.  The specific number is around 16%. This is not noble.

Mitt Romney is wealthy.  He did work in the private sector.  He was paid highly for trading his expertise to free men and women. The result bank accounts far larger than most readers of this will ever have.  This is noble.

Mitt Romney donated large amounts of wealth because he first produced something good.  He did good with his money not simply because he is a caring individual but primarily because he built vast sums of wealth.  He built that.

Now he has built something new. He has built a Republican Party that celebrates success. I feared for my country in the primaries not because of the lackluster candidates that stood the stage by the Tin Man named Mitt, but rather because I was scared the Republicans had attacked a successful businessman on his success.  They were calling evil the creation of wealth, the creation of value,  the creation of livelihood.  They were calling life and the productive labor of man that supports human life, evil.

They no longer call him that.  Now they have rallied behind this successful business man.  Now the leaders of the Republican party are these.

Paul Ryan and Chris Christie: Honest men who are willing to tackle the hard issues.  These are men who care more about success than popularity.  These men care more about substance than appearance.

Rand Paul advocates liberty.  A man that understands that the power to do good is within the individual.  A man who stands up and says Man by his nature and by his rights deserves the respect and dignity of liberty.  It is not yes we can — it is yes, I can.

I can build wealth.  I can build things.  I can be a good person.  I do not need government to tell me what not to do.  I do not need government to force me to be responsible. I deserve the dignity of a free man.  I, as a rational man, can innovate and move forward.

The Democrats like to say they are moving forward.  That theirs is the tide of the future.  But welfare and taxation creates nothing.  Collectivist ethics of the mixed economy cannot produce anything good.  Collectivist ethics only move good things from producers to the feeble.

It is time to embrace the ethics of the individual.  The ethics that say I decide what I want to do with my life.  I decide what I want to do with my money, the product of my life.  I decide what I value.  I choose.  No one, not my neighbor nor my neighbor’s god nor favorite politician may tell me what I can do.

Now the Republicans have not yet embraced this in its entirety.  They still advocate the drug war and a religious government.  They still wish to have government do good rather than let individual do good.  They still wish to force their own morality.  But now they celebrate success.  That is the defining attribute of the new GOP.  And that is a good thing.

America is the last best hope for freedom in the world.  The new Republican Party, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan and the Mitt Romney that celebrates success is the last best hope for America. This is one of the last places on earth where success is admired.

This was the first place on earth that success was possible.  And Mitt Romney, in defending himself, has defended what has made America great.  He has defended what lengthened life expectancy from thirty years to eighty.  He has defended what created leisure time for individuals who no longer must work dawn to dusk to put a pittance of food on the table.  Mitt Romney in defending himself has defended Man, the hero.  Man the animal that does not take from the earth but creates.  Man that changes a bunch of rocks into a pyramid and a skyscraper and a space shuttle.  Man that can do anything if left free to pursue his own happiness and his own wealth.

For the first time in my short adult life, I am proud to be a Republican.  May no Rick Santorum ever speak at another Republican National Convention.  May no wealthy person be ashamed of their virtue.  May no president ever again say that individuals do not build wealth.

With Respect for you as a Human, I beg you to vote for a man who respects you and hope in a free America where creating good things is honored and not attacked.

  • Stephen Allen

    Paul Ryan honest man legitimately could use explanation and example. Rand Paul advocate of liberty would be a waste of time to demonstrate. It is vitally important to the philosophy that it does not rely on statistics when dealing with absolutes because it does not hold statistical norms as being metaphysically important.