New Beginnings

New Beginnings seems to be a fitting topic since this is a new magazine. I will be cliché. I will be lazy. Let’s delve into the words “New” and “Beginnings.”


Not to be so crass as to give you a dictionary definition. New is nothing without old. Just like the present is difficult to define without the past, let alone the future. New is merely a construct to label change. It is ambiguous in relation to time because it can represent present, future and by negation, past.

When someone says they have a new phone it means that they had an old phone before. In that instant of changing phones, new went from describing a phone they would have in the future, to describe the one they have in the present — that meant that the phone they had before was in the past. New labeled that a change occurred in that person’s life, however inconsequential it was.


Beginnings are similar to new in their ability to describe time. However, a beginning is more concrete in its relation to time. There is one big difference between beginning and beginnings: the plural. You are born and you die. In your life those are the ultimate beginning and end. Anything else is a trivial fabrication of the mind based in bias. In the timeline of our lives, we are all somewhere in the middle. (Unless you’re a zombie or a vampire, of course.)

So, why are the two simple words important?

Fifty percent of undergrads experience monumental changes in their lives. Freshmen arrive to prepare for the rest of life, while Seniors leave to put that preparation to the test.

These two words are tossed about in a phrase that wantonly disregards our lives. New Beginnings implies a fresh start that is not an honest reality. We are always changing because no second is like the last. We live in the present, not the past.

We may not be able to have a clean state — our nurture may have a large role in determining our nature — but we are still in the middle. We still have a choice. Embrace the past, for it makes you who you are. Live in the present, for it is the only time you have. Never forget that you can always shape the future.

Our destination is a harsh reality but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a beautiful journey.

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