Can Dathy’s Equality

Photo by Julia Hoven

In Reply to Don Cathy’s “Fowl” Interview

So, like, last week I did the usual stuff. Wake up. Eat. You know what it do. It was a nice day, so I decided to sit out on my back porch. My back porch faces a playground. This playground is usually filled with children, and since it was a nice day, there were many of them. I am an adult male. I am also a foreigner. Being an unattractive male apparently makes me a pedophile. And since I’m foreign, and not European, that automatically makes me creepy.

So, here I am — a fat, unattractive, foreign creep and a pedophile to boot, just sitting on his back porch staring at the children. S0, I decided to look innocuous by lugging my radio outside. As I was turning the dial I came across a secret station on frequency nine and three-quarters (9.75 Hz).  It’s the radio station of the White Power/KKK/Aryan Nation/Skinhead movement.  The leader or Grand Wizard of the movement, Mr. Can Dathy, believes that the Bible gave him the right to own slaves. He went on to state that giving blacks equal rights is inviting “Gods judgment on our nation” and “cigar, cucumber, sausages.”

Personally, apart from being  foreign, fat, unattractive, creepy, pedophile, gay, Muslim, Jewish, atheist, liberal, communist, I am also a supporter  of equal rights for everyone and do not agree with Mr. Can Dathy. That said, I cannot find a single thing wrong with Can expressing his feelings, however bigoted they may be. Dathy has the right to openly state what he believes and should be allowed to act on his views without the country getting so worked up about it. I don’t understand why people hate this lowlife racist bigot. We have to acknowledge that not everyone shares the same beliefs on this topic. The country will just have to get over that. Yes, even you, black people, who aren’t getting your rights.

Supporters of civil rights believe they have the right to speak up about the issue and voice their opinions, those who oppose should have the same rights, don’t you think? And it’s still fine to talk about equal rights in this context while blacks do not have equal rights in other contexts. This is called fairness.

Can has always been a racist, notice the obscene signs with the N word outside his house. We all knew Can was a racist but the true problem arose when he openly admitted his bigotry. I know you might think the problem is bigotry, but it’s not. The problem is people condemning a bigot for his horrible bigoted views.  I can understand people boycotting Can’s company because they do not want their money going to the KKK, but I cannot understand people who have a pure dislike for Can because all he did was share his racist remarks. He has every right to express his opinion but you fucks don’t have the right to express your hatred for him because that’s not how free speech works, and it’s also just, like, mean.

In summation, we were taught to treat others as we would like to be treated  and I, for one, still respect Hitler, not because of his ideals but because he stands by his ideals openly and without wavering and also because he had the balls to copy Charlie Chaplin’s mustache, which is not something I can say about a lot of people.

Don’t be hatin’