And baby makes five! TLC’s Michelle Duggar gives birth to Alabama’s fifth ‘ship this year

It’s a national championship – again – for The University of Alabama as Michelle Duggar, star of the TLC reality show “19 Kids and Counting,” gave birth to the University of Alabama’s fifth national championship in just this past year.

The journey to five national championships began with a boy born January 9, 2012, in New Orleans, LA. Duggar recalls the miscarriage scare when LSU claimed the regular season victory over the Tide, saying “We had our fears, but we never gave up hope that he could end the season number one.”  Months later, the Duggars delivered a healthy baby girl named Gymnastics, followed by two more beautiful girls in Women’s Golf and Softball.

The new baby, born Monday evening at DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, weighs in close to 35 pounds, a near ten pounds lighter than its older brother, the crystalline Coaches trophy. It remains nameless, though rumors of a middle name ‘2012 National Championship’ have begun their circulation through sports networks across the country.

This fifth college sports title breaks the SEC record for most national championships won in a single year, a feat formerly held by the University of Arkansas, ironically the flagship university of the Duggars’ home state. When asked why the family’s allegiance changed from Razorback to Crimson Tide, husband Jim Bob Duggar said, “God is an Alabama fan, and so are we.”

TLC reports that the baby pushed off its starting blocks and sprinted out of the womb before 360-dunking its placenta in the biohazardous waste container across the room. The national championship was so athletically gifted, it then went on to coach several nearby expectant mothers through the births of their own children. Mal Moore, Director of Athletics at UA, was on standby through the entire event and has purportedly provided a home for the trophy at the athletic center built in his name.

Although to some, Alabama’s four previous national championships may appear to have come out of nowhere, but those loyal to the Crimson Tide know it is nothing out of the ordinary for the college sports behemoth. Following Alabama’s historic athletic season, the Duggars along with nearly everyone else are proud to ring in the university’s fifth set of champions.

The Duggars plan on leaving TLC for ESPN as part of the sports network’s attempts to further distance fans from relevant and meaningful athletic news, as announced last March during their hour-long special infamously known as “The Decision.” As for their plans to birth more Alabama national championships?

“There’s only room for more. Roll damn Tide.”